Monday, March 26, 2007

We interrupt this drivel for the following 27Things assignment posting.

I read the articles about Myspace, Facebook, and Infoblog. I understand the need to push a presense on Myspace because that's where the kids-teens-scary adults hang out, but clevering up a Myspace page in not the work of a coffee break; probably not even a long lunch.
I also understand we're not responsible personally nor professionally for the ads, but they creep me out a little, and I'm not happy about the spammy message(s) I've gotten to my Myspace account from (allegedly attractive women) saying that they haven't paid to have an account so they're using their friend's account so please respond to this other email address. Icky and sad.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pix of our friend the sheep!
Broken ear and all!