Tuesday, March 13, 2007

hoops, hoops but then it is Mar*c*h *m*ad*nes*

regarding two ...
No, that's ambiguous, too.
The Kind you Jump through

I've subscribed to two hapless participant's blog feed.
It took a while to find someones I might actually want to read that I think won't make me envious beyond enduring. If I didn't subscribe to your feed, and you post more than once a month, I'm probably not able to get over my admiration-turned-to-envy.

Today's entry brought to you by to, two and too.

The other hoops you may have known is the NCAA type. And NCAA owns the trade mark or something like that of March Madness. Which is why various comercials that may make some allusion to the season as a sales gimmick are usually careful not to say/spell exactly "March Madness."

I actually jumped ahead and subscribed to some library related feeds, too. But since that's another thing/hoop, I'll take credit for having done it in another post.

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