Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Purrkins is not amused.

Playing some more: words and phrases
A man walks up to his friend and asks, "What's wildebeeste??"
"Gnu! Gnu! I meant what's Gnu?"
Long time no ocean! (long time no sea)
Tune in next week for the exciting adventure, "Cheese in Church or Munster in the Minster."
......I made that.
And on our right hand we have a dual language sign from a shop window in Welsh Poole, Wales.
----------A Conversation in a Shoe store in Welsh Poole-----------------
"How do you pronounce the name of your town is Welsh?" asked Yorick.
"Welsh Poole," replied the helpful clerk (pronounced [klahrk], but you knew that).
"No," said Yorick, trying again, "I mean the Welsh version of the name."
"Oh, I don't really know. Let me ask Kris.
"Kris, How do you pronounce the name of our town in Welsh?"
"I don't know. I dropped Welsh in school: French was easier."
(Wales is like Texas: "It's like a whole other country!")

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