Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This is posted from my phone. How cool is that? In other news, I helped 4 patrons with their new e-readers, showing them how to download borrowed (free) books to their devices. In my recent experience, Android devices are the most painless machines for borrowing and loading books.

None of the patrons who needed help had Android devices.

This post-blank I'm typing in won't let me insert a picture. I'll have to edit one in when I get to a desktop computer.

My new year's resolution is to pay better attention to details.
Edit: Dell Streak7 uploaded a pic for me. This is a cat in the ruins of Ephesis.

Like the blonde girl used to say at the end of Hee Haw: That's All!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A book review after a long time missing

Small StepsSmall Steps by Louis Sachar
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
*Look ma, no spoilers!*

This is a well-written book. After I read Holes which I thought was amazing and practically perfect, I couldn't dare to read anything else that Sachar had written for fear of disappointment. How could he write anything as perfect as Holes?
Then this book came out, and since it was some of the same characters from Holes, I read it. First of all, it's good; it's worth your time to read. And if it happens that you don't like the magical realism of Holes, this is straight realistic fiction. It does have a plot line that you probably have seen before: well-meaning protagonist gets into trouble and misunderstanding because of a too-clever, shady friend.

It also has elements of striving to meet and be friends with someone normally considered "out of their league."

Again, I enjoyed reading the book, and it didn't feel like a wound for being so much less than Holes as I was afraid some of Sachar's previous books would have been. The conflicts and obstacles faced by the protagonist keep the reader turning the pages. But Small Steps does weigh in as a lesser book than Holes.
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