Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ah, Thanks for dropping by....

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A quick entry on a couple of books and a tv show.
(These are all unrelated to the photo, but he did seem to have a "Thanks for dropping by" look about him.)

The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron (pronounced, [peh 'trone] in the audio book author interview). I almost hate to mention this one given all the hullabaloo that's gone on about it in the recent past. Let's just say out loud, that the word "scrotum" is not used in any salacious, harmful to minors, or really any other objectionable way. (The point has been made that teachers probably won't want to read it out loud because of the middle school giggle factor, but that's really quite apart from the book being objectionable, which it's not.)
Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, two of my reading colleagues weren't impressed. One reader, whose sometimes distainful and often impatient views of books I aspire to, couldn't get past the first 15 pages. The story, the characters didn't grab her.

Another colleague didn't find it particularly grabbing either. I was surprised. I liked it immediately. It really does matter, I suppose, what one brings to the book. I grew up living in a trailer park until my dad got his own land in the Nevada desert and moved the trailers to it. And when Patron described the three trailers connected together, I had a flash of recognician! We only had two trailers, and they were connected with a wooden passageway between the back door of the 10-wide and the hole cut in the 8-wide instead of end to end, but yeah, we did that!

Also, the 12 step meetings, the whole small desert town, it's all true. To quote Wally Lamb, "This much I know is true."
heh heh.

Well, more on the other book and the tv show in the next post.

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