Saturday, March 30, 2013

I see travel in the future. Magic Eightball says, Signs point to yes.

I'll be riding a ship on a thirteen day journey across the Atlantic, debarking at the port 45 miles outside Rome and flying home (boy, I expect my arms to get tired then)!

Still, with the cruise market slump because of the Carnival Cruise disaster (and no doubt because of the Italian cruise capsize disaster before that) prices for last minute reservations have come down quite temptingly. At least, I thought so. Of course, in an ironic switch, cruising this year has proved to be a grasshopper market and not favoring ants' forethought and planning. Anyone buying back in, January, say instead of now or two weeks ago, would have found prices around $800 higher per person for the exact same cabin. So much for the benefits of planning ahead.

Anyway, If I think of it, if it's not too expensive (one has to pay for unreliable internet access on board ship), I'll try to post a picture or two and make some envy-provoking comment. I'll find something more interesting than grey-green water out to the horizon.

It's a little ironic that I should pay big money for 13 days at sea when the Navy used to send me on 10-23 day cruises and pay me for it. But I won't have anything to do on the thirteen days besides amuse myself and maybe try a little Karaoke. Unlike in the Navy where there were external demands placed on my time.

Having said that, both sets of sea journey managers want(ed) me to dress up for certain occasions.