Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snack and writing

I was thinking of a Beatles song, "I've got a feeling." I guess I was hungry, because I started thinking of a parody involving a large amount of pizza.

I need a pizza, a pizza deep and wide
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
I need a pizza, a pizza I can’t hide
Oh no. no. Oh no! oh No.
Yeah! Yeah! I need a pizza. Yeah!

Oh please believe me, pineapple and the ham
Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah.
And if you leave me, no anchovy again
Oh no, oh no, oh no.
Yeah Yeah I need a pizza, yeah.
I need a pizza.

All these years I’ve been wandering ‘round,
Wondering how come nobody told me
Anchovy, ham and garlic is a bit of
an over do

I need a pizza, with sauce of tomatoes
Oh Yeah, Oh yeah.
I need a pizza with prawns and cilantro
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah.
Yeah! Yeah! I need a pizza. Yeah!

Ev’rybody had a bread stick
Ev’vrybody had a red wine
Ev’vrybody had a salad
Ev’vrybody had the Key Lime
Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Ev’rybody had a good beer
Ev’rybody let their belt out
Ev’rybody wiped their spill up
Ev’rybody put their tips down
Oh yeah. Yeah Wooooo Hooooo

It's not as funny nor quite as inventive as a Weird Al Yankovic composition, but it pretty much fits the syllable count and stress. :-)