Sunday, April 8, 2007

Week 6: Three true things--12, 13, and 14.

Learn about tagging and discover
1. Done. Looked around and made an account. also used the 27things account.
2. Saved some sites that had been saved by other people. Save a site that wasn't save by anyone else yet. (Ummmmm, you don't get to see that account.)
3. I can see creating book marks organized by topic (tag)--job hunting, global warming, Soupy Sails--but given the changing nature of Web info, I wonder if a web search at the time of need wouldn't be more helpful. I do like the idea of accessing my bookmarks from anywhere, but I think I'd want to use the account option that allows me not to share my saved book marks with other casual, spying users.

13. Technorati.
1. Claimed my blog.
2. Did exercise one, two, and three. That was easy as promised, although the claiming was a little bit less easy than the just looking around.

14. Library Thing.
1. Looked around, created an account. I didn't have one before.
2. Added five books. Took more time than I thought it should (my slow fault).
3. My library thing is here:
I feel happier about my book that has fewer other people already listing it than some of the other books that have thousands of listings.

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