Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thing 15 & 16 (My, how far you'll go, Thing One and Thing Two!)

27thing 15.

beginning wikis

I like reading a number of article entries--the frontiers-town feeling of wikipedia was fun. But I'm more comfortable with some authoritative control for my reliable sources of information. The Booklovers' Wiki was okay because it felt more like a modified / evolved version of the old BBS (electronic bulletin board), or a newsgroup archive. Having said that, I was a little sorry that it's closed for the season, and it isn't being edited or added to until the adult summer reading program coming up.

(random question: since Cartoon Network has "Adult Swim" would it provide amusing marketing value to call an adult summer reading program "Adult Skate"?)

What types of applications within libraries might work well with a wiki?
(random question: since numbers of us are answering this same question out of our learning and varied experience, does that make this a 'meme'?)

In connection with library application / use of wiki, I'm seeing it more in terms of instant archive BBS, or as a living operations manual of some sort. In fact, the Booklovers' Wiki is rather like a searchable, archived set of posts about particular books (including the posts on the Harry Potter volume that hasn't yet been printed). The Library Success: a Best Practices wiki is more nearly a living manual.

27thing 16. Practice & graffittoes

Things I did after school.
I went to the kcls 27things wiki. I replaced the Front page which had gone missing. I added a link to my blog in the "Best Blogs Ever" page, as instructed...well, almost as instructed: I couldn't get the interface to work on my machine, so I edited html instead to put my link in. I changed to color of my font link to green--which is totally non-standard for links, I know, but I was so far down in the list, I wanted to stand out a little from the crowd.
(only slightly off topic: I discovered how to fix the typo in my blog's url so now it is instead of infinietjests.blogspot... But I'm sad because everyone [more than five] subscribed to my blog on bloglines dropped off because their rss link is to the no-longer-existing url. I suppose infi nyet jests might have been amusing if I had intended it--some play on infinite and "no" in Russian, but mostly I thought it just looked careless or illiterate.)

Even though I can physically/technically do a number of these wiki, blog, flickr, etc., etc. techno-things, in many ways I'm at the horseless carriage stage: I dabble in the new, but I'm still thinking some in terms of the old. It will take some more percolating time and some conversation with zen-tech / tech-zen masters to make the jump into automobile, grand touring car, race car, and hybrid powered vehicle.

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